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Lighting Design

Lighting is an integral part of the architectural design process and needs to create visually stunning spaces that satisfy both the client’s aspirations and designers vision with aesthetic appeal, ambience and comfort.

Our designers work in partnership with the client and their architects to provide a cost-effective and creative lighting design. From the initial brief, we are able to influence the design and integration to best effect with the designer. Importance is placed on the colour balance and lighting interplay with interior finishes and textures. Consideration for both day and evening ambience where the interior is enhanced during the nighttime with artificial light and a variety scenes.

A Fully Integrated Lighting Design Consultancy for both Marine and Land-based Leisure Projects.

Exterior profile lighting is key to defining the vessel’s classic lines and features both above and below the waterline and to achieve a comfort level for the passenger in all areas whilst moving around or relaxing on the vessel.

Our design approach encompasses concept designs through to the latest in 2D & 3D CAD layout and modelling to achieve the best lighting solution for the specific areas to enhance architects’ designs. Lighting control details & equipment schedules are all separate layers in the design documents.

Our technical knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art lighting technology allows us to create lighting that integrates unobtrusively into the design of any environment, internal or external, with exceptional results.

We Have Worked on Some of the World's Most Iconic Marine Projects